About Fonds 1818

Fonds 1818 provides funding and support to organizations and local residents who are keen to improve society. 

Fonds 1818 supports projects that help to make society a little bit nicer. That encourage a society where we help vulnerable people, where everyone has the same opportunities and where we take care of the green space around us. A society that unites us.

If you need funding to carry out a project, we are here to help you! Organisations and groups of local residents from our region are welcome to submit an application. We categorise projects into nine focus areas, with permanent advisors who carefully and expertly assess all of the plans we receive.

Fonds 1818 supports societal projects in nineteen municipalities. We do this by allocating money and sharing knowledge. We have training courses (in Dutch) to teach you how to compile a good application. Every Thursday afternoon, our advisors hold a consultation hour to answer your questions.