For residents

Anyone with a plan for improving their street or neighbourhood can ask for help from Fonds 1818.

Groups of enthusiastic residents can apply for a donation of up to € 1.500. This is known as a residents’ initiative (bewonersinitiatief). You do not need to form a foundation or association. 

Impassioned residents are warmly invited to submit their plans for improving their street or neighbourhood. This could involve creating a communal allotment, setting up a meeting place for lonely residents or organising sports activities for the elderly. If you have an idea about making your surroundings greener, more social, more active or more inclusive, get together with your neighbours and start drawing up plans.

3 applicants, 4 deadlines, 6 amounts

Residents’ initiatives must always be submitted by three people: one principal applicant and two co-applicants. The applicants must be at least 16 years of age, they may not belong to the same family or live on de same address and they must be working on the project as volunteers. This group of three applicants must then complete the online application form for residents’ initiatives. You can choose the amount that you think you will need for your project. There are six amounts ranging from € 250 to € 1.500. 
Make sure that you submit your application before the next closing date. We have four deadlines per year.

Dutch spoken

Fonds 1818 only corresponds in Dutch. Our terms and conditions, procedure and the application form are also drawn up in Dutch. We very much prefer receiving applications for donations in Dutch, but if this is impossible, please contact us via