Focus areas

The projects that Fonds 1818 supports can be divided into nine focus areas. The main goal of the projects in every focus area must be to help build a better society, and the projects themselves must be primarily carried out by volunteers.


Creating an involved society, in which people are given equal opportunities and look out for each other. This is the main aim of the projects in the well-being focus area. This can’t be achieved simply by organising a meeting. We are ready to listen to applicants who see their aim as facilitating ongoing contact between people and groups that may not otherwise be on each other’s radars.  

Social help and support

The parties that apply for support in this focus area try to help vulnerable people who are finding it difficult or impossible to keep their heads above water in society. These people include the homeless, asylum seekers, victims of domestic violence and young people being supported by youth welfare services: people who need help finding their way in society. To qualify for funding from Fonds 1818, the target group does not need to be in residential care. They just need to be in a disadvantaged position.

Financial independence

Getting by, managing your finances, knowing where to go if you need help; these are things that a lot of people struggle with. Some people are unable to be financially independent. Money problems come in all shapes and sizes, which makes this problem as complex as it is urgent. Fonds 1818 supports projects that aim to prevent people in vulnerable target groups from slipping further into the financial abyss. We also help initiatives that help people to get back to work, as long as the municipality also pledges its support.

Voluntary work

A powerful society relies on the selfless efforts of passionate citizens. Without voluntary workers, the majority of the projects supported by Fonds 1818 would never get off the ground. Various projects have been set up to find volunteers who match the task, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need. This focus area supports many projects like these, including professional development and expertise advancement. In order to be eligible, projects must aim to make volunteers feel appreciated, for example by organizing gifts and festive gathering. 


Primary healthcare is a task for government and therefore outside the scope of Fonds 1818, although Fonds 1818 does support welfare initiatives within the healthcare service. We support activities both inside and outside healthcare institutions, as long as they contribute to the well-being of the people involved. Increasing people’s independence and helping them to take their place in society are important criteria for assessing applications within this focus area. We will only fund projects being run inside care institutions if the institution concerned donates at least a quarter of the costs.

Sport, games and exercise 

Whether you’re a sports fanatic, someone who enjoys long walks with a group of ramblers or a sedate game of bowls in your care home; every form of exercise is good for your body and your mind. Fonds 1818 supports projects aimed at encouraging vulnerable groups to do more sports and get more exercise. From ensuring that games and sports can be played in public spaces, to helping groups to arrange sporting activities in deprived neighbourhoods, and from helping local sports clubs to improve their accommodation, to supporting specific target groups. We want to help them all. 


Vulnerable groups, equal opportunities and contact are the key terms within the education focus area. We support educational projects designed to improve the socio-economic position of the target groups, as a means of developing their knowledge and skills in subjects that they may not otherwise encounter. We will support coaching and buddy projects for young people when regular funding options fall short. Any educational projects we support must be extra to the curriculum and/or fall outside the scope of the general tasks and possibilities of the schools/institutions concerned.

Nature & Environment

A communal allotment, green local playgrounds, a park managed by residents. The great outdoors is the ideal place for people to get together and enjoy each other’s company or work on an outdoor project together. A healthy, green living environment will promote well-being among the residents in our region. You can apply to us for help with green projects wherever you think they are needed, particularly in areas or streets where natural beauty is lacking. We also support initiatives aimed at raising awareness and changing people’s behaviour, urban farming projects in built-up locations, projects to create green spaces where children can play in deprived areas and to help local energy cooperatives get off the ground.  

Amateur art

Fonds 1818 supports all forms of amateur art with a clear socio-societal function. This includes initiatives in which the concept of enthusiastic volunteers getting together is just as important as the quality of the performance or end product. Applications for investment in rehearsal rooms, studios or podia for expressions of amateur art, professional development and performances are also eligible for funding. Fonds 1818 will not contribute to paying for, or replacing, instruments and other materials, such as clothing. Exceptions can be made for so-called HaFaBra bands: concert bands, fanfare, brass bands.