For organisations

Foundations and associations can ask Fonds 1818 for a donation to their societal project.

Fonds 1818 supports not-for-profit, society-based projects. Although these projects may differ greatly in terms of theme, scale, and costs, all those who apply have one thing in common: the ambition to create a better society. Whichever focus area your organisation works in, our main interest is the societal goal that you hope to achieve with your plan.

How to apply

You can submit an application using the online application form for organisations. Remember to attach a project plan, budget and finance plan. Applications take six weeks to process. 

Dutch spoken

Fonds 1818 only corresponds in Dutch. Our terms and conditions, procedure and the application form are also drawn up in Dutch. We very much prefer receiving applications for donations in Dutch, but if this is impossible, please contact us via