Fonds 1818 provides support by donating money. In addition, the Fund shares knowledge and networks by organising courses and meetings. In some cases, help from an external advisor may be an option.

Fonds 1818 allocates donations to foundations and associations to enable them to run socially relevant projects that will benefit the population of a region. Further opportunities are available for small groups of citizens without formal ties; so-called citizens’ initiatives.

Knowledge and networks
The advisors at Fonds 1818 are happy to share their knowledge, experience and far-reaching networks. They can offer advice, refer you to similar projects or put you in touch with potential partners or an external consultant.
Fonds 1818 also offers courses, workshops and consulting hours to promote and encourage self-sufficiency and expertise.

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly important source of finance. This method of funding revolves around entrepreneurship and generating support for an initiative. Fonds 1818 encourages entrepreneurship and has decided to support foundations and associations in their crowdfunding efforts by doubling the sum they raise. Foundations and associations should get in touch if they are planning to try crowdfunding.


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