This is a summary of the Dutch website of Fonds 1818. It describes the work carried out by the Fund, gives information about applying for a donation and explains various other forms of assistance that the Fund has to offer. Some of the links refer to information provided only in Dutch.

Every year Fonds 1818 supports numerous social initiatives focusing on care, welfare, art, culture, nature, the environment and education. Fonds 1818 donates funding to enable applicants to run projects. Alongside financial support, we also help organisations by providing them with knowledge and networks.

Non-profit foundations, associations or citizens’ initiatives may apply for a donation for projects that will benefit the population of any region within the Delft, Westland, Midden Delfland, Zoetermeer, The Hague, Leiden, Duin- en Bollenstreek areas, and the interlinking districts.

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